PTFE Insulated Cable

PTFE Insulated Cable

Shobha Electricals are an amazing PTFE Insulated Cable Manufacturer that is reasonable for medicinal applications just as numerous others. PTFE Insulated Cable is frequently an alluring decision when low grinding, non staying characteristics are required. PTFE is artificially inactive in many conditions.

PTFE Insulated Wire covered wire is intended to be the solid arrangement you require for applications that will put your wires in extraordinary conditions, for example, high temperatures and burning situations. At Shobha Electricals, we've accepted each open door to enhance our procedures to guarantee you get both the most dependable PTFE Insulated Wire and the best administration accessible.

PTFE Insulated Cable is utilized far and wide consistently as a covering material for various reasons, all which meet up to make it a strong and dependable material. As an encasing, it is prized for the quality of its carbon-fluorine bonds that are amazingly adaptable and non-responsive. PTFE Cable is additionally hydrophobic, guaranteeing that water and substances with water in them won't respond with a PTFE Insulated Cable. Shobha Electricals are the reputed manufacturer of best quality of PTFE Insulated Cable. Features of our manufactured Insulated Cable are as Follows:

  • High dielectric quality
  • Low dispersal factor
  • Unaffected by presentation to dampness, stickiness, and fluid
  • Extremely high working temperatures
  • Silver plated conductors, or your decision of conductor
  • PTFE insulated wires are not expose to crawling or disfigurement after some time
  • PTFE insulated wires are reasonable for a wide recurrence go
  • Gives protection from UV radiation, stress, shape, and synthetic compounds

Material : P.T.F.E.
Inner Bore Size : 0.5 mm To 40 mm
Wall Thickness : 0.25, 0.30, 0.40 & 0.80 mm
Properties : Resistant to Fire, Chemicals, Acids, Sunlight, Moisture & Corona Resistant
Break Down Voltage : Upto 17 KV.
Temperature Range : -65 °CTo 200 °C
Standards Applicable : JSS 54802 / MIL - 122129 C
Size : As per customer requirement
Colour : As per customer requirement
PTFE Insulated Cables