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At the point when our clients need wire that is adaptable and successful for various high temperature applications, our Ptfe Wire is fabricated and intended to be the ideal arrangement. Ptfe Wire Manufacturer assembling procedure dependent on long stretches of involvement with organizations like yours, we are very much aware of your applications and your necessities. So, we don't simply make PTFE Wire. Rather, we plan and assembling arrangements with the information that only one out of every odd application is the equivalent. The final product that is manufactured by the skilled manufacturer is standard and custom PTFE wire that causes you accomplish the outcomes you need.

Offering our customers a blend of PTFE Cables has made us a prestigious name in India. We are authored as PTFE Cable Manufacturer in India which we get from SGL Brand discovering its utilization in electronic test hardware, aviation explore, control gear, nuclear power stations and working temperatures. Unnecessary to make reference to, our PTFE Wires display characteristics, for example, compound opposition, imperviousness to fire, solidness and dependability.

At the point when your applications call for PTFE Cable and wire, regardless of whether you need standard sizes or smaller than normal wire - we can help. Notwithstanding request measure, our emphasis is dependably on furnishing you with the arrangements that assistance you take care of business.

PTFE Insulated Cable Manufacturer

Our Products

Insulated Cable

PTFE Hook Up Wire

PTFE protection for attach and lead wire has numerous points of interest

Insulated Cable Manufacturer

PTFE Insulated Cable

As an encasing, it is prized for the quality of its carbon-fluorine bonds that are amazingly adaptable and non-responsive.


PTFE Thermocouple Cables

Our dexterous professionals use superior quality raw material with the help of innovative technology in the manufacturing process of this cable.

Multicore Cable

PTFE Multicore Cable

We purchase best quality and staggered tried crude materials to fabricate PTFE Multicore Cable.

PTFE Power Cable

PTFE Insulated RTD Cables

In flag and control applications, there are circumstances when various wiring associations should be utilized.

Multicore Cable Manufacturer

PTFE Flexible Wires

We are the producers, providers and exporters of PTFE Insulated High Voltage Cables.

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