PTFE High Temperature Cables

PTFE High Temperature Cables

PTFE High Temperature Cables is an exceptional material. It is unaffected by most oils, fills and liquids. The high temperature run makes it impervious to harm from warmth sources, for example, fastening irons or segments. PTFE High Temperature Cables and screened or plait heavily clad adaptations can likewise be made in numerous sizes and styles.

PTFE High Temperature Cables are utilized as power links in plants where there is high temperature condition and conventional PVC links cannot be utilized, for example, close rotational ovens, heaters, boilers and so forth. Because of the high temperature around the heater, the electrical wiring of engines, control boards and so on close to the heater gets harmed very as often as possible, which forces the substitution of links at intermittent interims prompting valuable loss of efficiency. This issue is extraordinarily diminished by utilizing High temperature PTFE insulated cables.

Our association is among the best maker, provider, broker and exporter of great scope of PTFE Cables. These PTFE Cables are perfect for different electrical establishments for homes, workplaces, manufacturing plants and numerous other modern applications. Our PTFE High Temperature Cables are extremely simple to use with smooth and sturdy structures that are created with consistence with industry norms. These PTFE Cables are extremely productive and dependable accessible to our customers in different sizes at practical scope of costs.

PTFE Insulated High Voltage Cables have some special features, which are mentioned below:

  1. Inert to Fungus and Mold Growth.
  2. Suitable for very wide frequency range (DC to above 10000 MHz)
  3. Excellent flex life and totally unaffected by out doors exposure for unlimited period.
High Temperature Cables